Our commitment is to provide maximum support for participants to transfer learning and for clients to evaluate the impact throughout the entire programme.


  • We will make recommendations for the critical pre-course briefing stage, with early line manager involvement as the key success factor.
  • We will also ensure that objectives are stated in terms of required behavioural change, which is essential to assessing programme impact.

During the Programme

  • During each programme we discuss practical applications and ask for personal commitments to transfer learning back to the job.
  • We include in each programme design at least one formal action planning session.


  • We recommend follow-up processes involving participants’ line managers and we can support these as required.
  • We will also support evaluation to the extent required, which will be agreed at the development stage.
  • Level one evaluation is standard; we have experience of evaluating at higher levels if this is agreed to be appropriate.
  • Commitment by course sponsor and line managers to supporting follow-up processes is key to the success of higher level evaluation.

MTP encourages and supports clients in the evaluation process so that impact and benefit can be assessed within the context of each client’s learning culture.

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