2020 World Business Simulation

Developed by MTP to reflect a typical business environment, this business simulation is computer-based, allowing quick decisions and results.  The content is based on the soft drinks sector but relevant to all industries.

The focus of the learning is on marketing, finance and business strategy. People and Behavioural skills are also covered through analysis of group dynamics.

Topics covered include

    Financial Statements
    Financial Performance
    Investment Decisions
    Shareholder Value
    Competitive Advantage
    Developing a Strategy
    How a Parent adds Value
    Retailer Strategy & KPIs
    Category Management
    Routes to Market
    Customer Service
    Marketing Mix (6Ps)
    Product Development
    Brand Positioning
    People Management
    Sourcing Strategy
    IT Investment

Groups of participants compete over four or five intensive, challenging periods. Each group member has a functional role and these may rotate to give exposure to different decision-making processes.  The decisions required increase in complexity as the simulation progresses and include:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Distribution
  • Production
  • HR

Groups make presentations to ‘shareholders’ as the final stage and the ‘winner’ is based on financial returns and future prospects.

The simulation runs over one – two days, often spread over a longer programme.

Case studies involving 2020 simulation

Financial Management


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