Business Challenge Business Simulation

Business Challenge is an instructor-led, team-based, highly interactive online simulation specifically designed to develop business acumen skills including:

• Understanding the relationship between operational decisions and financial measures
• Increasing understanding of financial statements
• Creating better business proposals
• Executing strategy

Topics covered include

    • Using key financial metrics to take better decisions
    • Involving other functions in decision-making
    • Strategy
    • Finance
    • Supply Chain
    • Brand Development
    • Brand Building
    • Creating Compelling Propositions
    • Winning Strategies
    • Trade & Promotional Spending
    • Managing in a Downturn
    • What Drives the Customer

Teams of participants run virtual companies in a competitive marketplace, making business decisions about sales and marketing, operations, research and development, and finance.

The simulation can be run either as part of a face-to-face course or virtually with  individual team members based in different locations around the world.

Groups work together in virtual break-out rooms to make business decisions on key variables such as capital investment, pricing, product development and R&D.

The business simulation is often run with interactive tutor-led inputs between decisions to reinforce learning.

Developed and delivered in conjunction with Accenture and Enspire.   Click here to see our detailed case study.

Business Challenge virtual business simulation

Programmes using the Business Challenge simulation

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