Business Executive Business Simulation

This well proven business simulation, which MTP holds on permanent licence, is computer-based and reflects the features of a competitive business environment.

Topics covered include

    • Make key decisions and manage outcomes
    • Teambuilding & communication
    • Leadership skills
    • Planned and unplanned events
    • Better understand the dynamics of running a business
    • Appreciate the impact of their decisions on the financial and operational aspects of performance
    • Have experienced what it is like, working as a member of a business team, competing against others in a realistic market environment

Based on the automotive sector, we find that managers relate to the issues raised immediately.

Effective strategic management is essential to success as are the monitoring and analysis of financial performance.

Groups compete under pressure as the economic environment changes.

Share prices are posted, based on strategy and performance.

Final presentations determine the ‘winning group’.

Facilitator debriefing analyses outcomes and summarises learning points.

Case studies involving business executive

Developing Business Partnerships


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