Business Executive Business Simulation

This computer-based simulation provides participants with experience in running a company.

Based on the automotive sector it reflects the features of a real business environment, that managers can relate to immediately.

Participants work in groups over a number of ‘years’ as the economic environment changes.

Complete company reports are distributed to each team at the end of each round.  This allows players to analyse the impact of their decisions and consider actions for further improvement.

Topics covered include

    • Making key decisions and managing outcomes
    • Teambuilding & communication
    • Leadership skills
    • Planned and unplanned events
    • Understand the dynamics of running a business
    • The impact of decisions on the financial and operational aspects of performance
    • Working as a member of a business team, competing against others in a realistic market environment

Business Executive simulation

Programmes using the Business Executive simulation

Developing Business Partnerships

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