MTP Quizzes

Quizzes appeal to the competitive streak of most managers and provide great engagement for course participants. This approach can take a number of formats; these are the most common:

  • Multiple choice questions are shown via PowerPoint in the manner of well known TV quiz shows; groups work in the main course room and shout out answers, other groups can challenge.
  • Participants receive questions before the programme and come to the course with their personal answers; these are shared in groups at an early stage and answers are reported back during a competitive plenary session.
  • Groups are provided with financial or other business information about a number of companies – which can be competitors, suppliers or customers – and are asked to identify each one during a group session; the debriefing brings out learning points and compares the financial structures of different sectors.
  • At the end of each day, groups are asked to work on a number of reinforcement questions summarising the content of the day; the following morning there is a review session during which groups produce their answers; scores accumulate each day and the winner is declared at the end of the course.
  • As part of a course evaluation and follow-up process, participants are asked to complete a questionnaire to assess their learning retention and application of content; the responses can form the basis of a follow-up session, either virtual or face-to-face.

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