Role-play exercises feature on a wide range of our programmes, as a way of recreating the type of challenge that participants will face on their return to work.

This method is particularly common for programmes involving business partnering and other cross-functional activities.

MTP has the expertise to develop tailored exercises to meet client needs and to ensure that the scenario is realistic and credible for participants. The exact format varies with each exercise and will be the subject to discussion at the development stage.

Typically there are the following stages of a role-play session:

  1. Plenary briefing and handing out of separate confidential briefs.
  2. Groups prepare for the meeting and nominate role-players.
  3. Simulated meeting with observers and facilitator.
  4. Group feedback session out of role.
  5. Plenary discussion and sharing of learning points.

Email to request an example of a typical role-play exercise.

Case studies involving role playing

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