MTP Workshops

All members of the MTP Development & Delivery team are experienced in business in major organisations and fully qualified in their specialist areas. In addition they have exceptional facilitation skills and the ability to relate to client business issues. This unusual but essential combination ensures we truly understand the complexities of delivering learning in a large company and can ensure that the design and development process reflects and meets the clients needs.

Every design and development process is geared to the unique needs of each client with special focus on the extent of blending between self-study, virtual and face-to-face delivery and the preparation of tailored case studies, role plays and simulations.

The MTP Approach

Each MTP team will include a fully accountable client director, a development specialist and the programme facilitator.

  1. The starting point is to agree objectives and identify any constraints on participant availability.
  2. The team will then familiarise themselves with any client terminology, business issues and internal systems.
  3. An initial draft timetable will be produced and refined as the development phase progresses.
  4. A key decision is the extent of blending between self-study, virtual and face-to-face delivery.
  5. Learning material is prepared with detailed tailoring of frameworks and scenarios and focus on sector specific issues.
  6. Drafts are shared with stakeholders and feedback is incorporated.
  7. A final file with course specification and learning material is agreed before the pilot programme.


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