MTP virtual module dates

Business Education Network – Autumn 2019

Robert McCallion BEN (event)

October sees the return of our Business Education Network modules – this autumn we are focussing on the key business skills of Finance, Strategy & Leadership.

Aimed at senior professionals with responsibility for improving skills in their organisation, these three modules offer the opportunity to experience a flavour of the Business Learning Programmes we run for leading companies around the world.

Strategic Innovation – Thursday 10th October, 9.30am-11.30am (GMT+1)

Leadership – Thursday 31st October – 3pm-5pm (GMT)

Decision Support in Finance – Thursday 5th December, 9.30am-11.30am (GMT)

The sessions will be highly interactive combining instructor-led presentation & discussions using the features of Cisco WebEx including Chat and Polls together with breakout sessions where participants will work in smaller groups to discuss how the concepts covered relate to their own organisations.

Previous sessions have been well-received by contacts in major organisations such as BAE, BP, Kimberly-Clark, Mars, Unilever and Xerox.

There is no charge for participating in any of the modules – simply register today via to reserve your place.

Leadership for Business – Thursday 31st October – 3pm-5pm (GMT)

Authenticity is a term that is heard a lot in Business Education circles.

Since Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones of London Business School asked the question, and published their book,  “Why should anyone be led by you?” business leaders try to be authentic. But what does that mean and how can you do it?

Herminia Ibarra of INSEAD has written about the authenticity paradox. She argues that a “rigidly authentic sense of self” can stop us from becoming better leaders.

We explore these areas and then move to consider the concept of authenticity when applied to an organisation rather than a leader.  The more recent book by Goffee and Jones “Why should anyone work here?”  considers the concept from an organisational perspective.

Decision Support in Finance – Thursday 5th December, 9.30am-11.30am (GMT)

The objectives of this module are to:

–          Understand the key elements of high quality decision making and support

–          Apply some common decision analysis tools to every day decisions

Through this module we will explore the six elements that contribute to high quality decisions.  Following this, short exercises will be used to demonstrate some common decision support tools, which can be used to significantly improve both decision clarity and analysis.


Strategic Innovation– Thursday 10th October, 9.30am-11.30am (GMT+1)

A look at the theories of Costas Markides of London Business School, first explained in the book ‘Fast Second’, which he co-wrote with Paul Geroski.  Their model for dividing innovations into four distinct types will be explained.  Their argument that it is the businesses with strong business skills that make a success of new radical innovations will be explored using several examples from recent experience.

The session objectives are:

  • To understand the different types of innovation as defined by Markides and Geroski.
  • To appreciate the skills a business needs to scale up radical innovations to achieve success.
  • To consider the strengths of the ‘Fast Second’ approach compared to other ways of analysing innovation.