Business Partnering Model

MTP design and deliver highly tailored Business Partnering programmes which help participants in central functions become more effective at working with their partners in business roles.

As the Business Partnering model is adopted by increasing numbers of organisations, the Business Partner role is becoming more integral to the growth and success of a business.

Many of our clients have now adopted this model and MTP have developed and run Business Partnering courses across a wide range of industries and functions including;

  • Finance Business Partnering
  • Human Resources Business Partnering
  • IT Business Partnering
  • Legal Business Partnering

Our bespoke Business Partnering programmes cover the three key skill sets of a successful Business Partner;

  • Business Acumen
  • Behavioural Skills
  • Functional Skills
MTP Business Partnering programmes

Content is carefully tailored to ensure the balance of the three skills is appropriate for the audience.  In our experience programmes for junior members of a function contain a balance of all three, whilst in those for more senior groups development in the areas of business acumen and behavioural skills assume greater importance.   For the most senior group the clear emphasis is on further development of behavioural skills.

Our Business Acumen content gives participants an indepth understanding of how business works (and how your business works) and how strategy and decisions impact results.

Topics that can be covered include;

  • Measuring business performance
  • Use of financial metrics to inform decision-making
  • Writing and evaluating business proposals
  • Business strategy
  • Innovation
  • Sources of competitive advantage
  • Analysing business performance of customers & competitors
  • Decision-making involving multiple functions.

Our approach to developing behavioural skills includes gaining a personal insight into our own behaviour and responses and that of others. This can be delivered using any existing personality frameworks within your organisation, or our tutors are accredited practitioners of the Strength Deployment Inventory

Topics that can be covered include;

  • Negotiation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Impact and influencing
  • Relationship building
  • Communication skills
  • Empathy

The knowledge and understanding of core functional skills are key to the credibility and success of a Business Partner.

We can deliver and develop content relevant for your organisation by working closely with subject matter experts.