We design and deliver highly tailored Business Acumen programmes for groups ranging from graduate entrants to those with many years management experience.

The programmes we develop and deliver cover a range of management seniority.

Some programmes are for new graduate entrants to the company.  Typically, they may have a range of prior knowledge ranging from those who have studied non-business subjects at university to those who have a degree, or post-graduate qualification, in business.

Other programmes are for experienced managers who have an understanding of business concepts from carrying out their roles.  They need to build on their existing knowledge to understand better the key business concepts and be able to apply these to their roles.

Business Programmes

The key aims of our tailored programmes are:

  • To equip managers with the business skills they need to carry out their current and future responsibilities
  • To help managers have a greater appreciation of the roles of other functions and how the different functions of their business relate to each other.

Superior performance is driven by effective strategic decisions and execution.  To achieve and sustain superior performance managers need a good appreciation of the underlying strategic drivers.

The structure of different industries.

Which industries make higher returns and why.

How to compete to create a competitive advantage

These include both financial and non-financial measure of performance.  Some are generic across industries, but many will be specific to particular industries.

Business can involve a lot of jargon, used across many industries, businesses and functions.  Many companies have developed and adopted their own terminology.

Our programmes make this comprehensible to participants, so they are able to understand, and confident enough to use, the terminology.

A competitive advantage can be achieved by either operational excellence, doing things more efficiently than the competition, or by strategic positioning, competing in a different way from competitors.

By considering examples of businesses that have adopted either strategy, we can explore which might be appropriate for individual strategic business units.