Finance Business Partnering Model

The programmes we develop and deliver in Finance Business Partnering cover a blend of three content areas:

  • Business Acumen,
  • Behavioural Skills
  • Finance skills.

A high level of proficiency in all three is a prerequisite for an accomplished Finance Business Partner.

We have found that the appropriate blend of the three areas often varies according to the level of seniority of participants.

For junior levels the emphasis is often on Finance Skills, which are clearly required to be an effective Finance Business Partner.

MTP Business Partnering programmes

Programmes for those with a number of years’ experience of working in Finance, and usually have a formal accounting qualification, place greater emphasis on business knowledge and behavioural skills.

Programmes for those at senior level, where participants typically are highly proficient in the areas of Financial Knowledge and Business Acumen, focus mainly on Behavioural Skills and how these can be applied to achieve good business outcomes.

Some of our clients have developed their own specific approach to Finance Business Partnering and have developed new analytical techniques to help them ensure that business outcomes create high levels of value for the organisation.