MTP Financial Awareness Model

Finance for non-financial managers is a major part of MTP’s business.

The programmes we develop and deliver for our clients cover a wide range of management seniority.

Some programmes are for new managers, or those who will soon progress to a management role.  Typically, they will have limited knowledge of finance, but need a grounding in finance to be able to carry out their full range of responsibilities.

Other programmes are for experienced managers who have a knowledge of Finance from carrying out their roles.  They need to build on their existing knowledge to understand better the key financial concepts and be able to apply these to their business and function.

MTP Financial Awareness Programmes

The content of these programmes is highly tailored to the way Finance is applied within the business.  There are several ways this is achieved, including:

  • Working with clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the financial terminology and reports within the business.  This includes the key performance measures, for the company as a whole, individual operating companies, and specific functions.
  • Discussions with key client stakeholders to understand those areas of Finance that are most important to the target group and what they would like participants to be able to do, or do more effectively, as a result of attending the programme.
  • Diagnostic questionnaires completed by participants to understand their existing level of knowledge of both ‘generic’ finance content and the specific financial terminology and measures used within the client’s business.
  • Developing learning materials that are tailored to the client’s business and the learning needs identified, and agreeing this with stakeholders within the business.

The three financial statements:  Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account and Cash Flow.  How transactions impact each of these.

Key performance measures, including both measures used by managers within the business and external users including financial analysts and investors.

Financial concepts and techniques to support key decisions that will deliver value including:

  • Costs in pricing and product mix decisions.
  • Identifying the products and services to focus on.
  • Launching a new product or service.
  • Outsourcing activities currently carried out internally.
  • Appraising a new capital investment or acquisition.

The links between business strategy and finance.

  • How strategic decisions impact financial performance.
  • How the returns achieved, including return on capital and profit margin, differ between industries and businesses.
  • How value is created for shareholders.

Examples of our tailored Finance for Non-Financial Managers Programmes

Senior Finance for Business Leaders Programme