MTP Financial Awareness Model

MTP designs and delivers tailored Financial Awareness programmes for managers in non-financial roles.

The courses we run for our clients cover a wide range of seniority. Some programmes are aimed at new managers who have limited experience of using finance so far in their roles, while others target those responsible for running significant parts of their businesses.

These tailored Financial Awareness courses deliver significantly enhanced learning, which participants are able to apply in their jobs immediately. This includes the use of the financial terminology used within the company – this is almost always significantly different from ‘generic’ terminology – along with the particular measures of performance that are used – which, again, vary widely between businesses and industries.

MTP Financial Awareness Programmes

This covers the three financial statements, balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow, and how transactions impact each of these.

Different performance measures can be covered including financial ratios and measures used by investors.


How different types of decision require different techniques of financial analysis.

Examples include:

  • Product mix decisions
  • Launching a new product
  • Outsourcing of part of the production process
  • Appraising a new capital investment or acquisition.

A sound understanding of the links between business strategy and finance is imperative for business managers.

  • What types of businesses achieve high profit margins?
  • Are there other ways of achieving good returns for shareholders?
  • How is value created?


Programmes on Financial Awareness

Senior Finance for Business Leaders Programme