Finance for non Finacial Managers model

We design and deliver tailored programmes in Finance for those working in the Finance function.

These range from programmes for participants in the early stage of their careers to programmes for participants with significant experience of working in a Finance role.

Programmes for people in the early stages of their careers complement and reinforce participants’ learning from studying for their professional examinations.  Our experience of tailoring course material to the business and issues faced by a client enables us to build upon what has been covered in preparation for exams. By making the design and materials relevant to a client’s business we help participants play an increasingly productive role during the early stages of their careers in Finance.

Programmes for those with more experience are tailored to how Finance is reported within their business and the finance issues they face.  They focus on how financial measures are used to drive strategic decisions and to ensure the business remains on the strategic path chosen.

MTP Financial Awareness Model

Examples of our tailored Financial Management programmes

Financial Skills Programme

Finance Academy

Excellence in Financial Execution