At MTP much of our work is devoted to Business Partnering.  Business Partnering involves the bringing together of technical proficiency, business understanding and inter-personal skills.  The latter is often much neglected and to complement our teaching in this area we use a framework called Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), developed by Personal Strengths.  MTP tutors are accredited practitioners of SDI.

The crux of SDI is the understanding of an individual’s Motivational Value System (MVS).  An individual’s MVS is consistent throughout life and comes from a desire to achieve self-worth.  An individual’s desire to achieve self-worth drives behaviours, which are the outward manifestation of motivations.

The Strength Deployment Inventory uses a questionnaire of 20 questions to assess a person’s MVS.  The first 10 questions assess the MVS when all is going well and the second group of 10 questions is an assessment when individuals are faced with conflict and opposition.

Not only does understanding MVS help individuals understand themselves, but it also helps them to understand other people.  In addition, individuals can understand what behaviours may be most appropriate in different situations and how behaviour can change when experiencing conflict.   In turn, this approach can help give individuals an insight into how best to interact with and influence others – thereby leading to enhance business partnering skills.

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